Western Montana's Glacier Country
Travel Corridors and Scenic Drives

Scenes from the TV Show “Yellowstone”
are Filmed in Western Montana

Fans of “Yellowstone” have been showing up in Montana trying to get a glimpse of the life of John Dutton and his—shall we say, complicated—family and their Yellowstone Ranch in Western Montana’s Glacier Country. With the exception of the Dutton Ranch and some city and location scenes, seasons one through three were largely filmed in a studio and surrounding areas in Utah. However, beginning with season four, filming was moved to a sound stage in Montana, and various businesses and locations are utilized for filming. For those fans who have asked for locations to visit on their next trip to Western Montana, we’ve got you covered. Please be respectful of those who live and work at these establishments as you are fulfilling your Yellowstone fan obsession through the region.

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Group-Friendly Restaurants and Contingency Plans

While our summer season here in Glacier Country (July and August) experiences high visitation, we know the lure of ascending the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park is often a bucket-list experience for many and can only be accomplished late June through early October when the famed road is open in its entirety. Making restaurant reservations and double checking those reservations seems like it should be enough, however, should tour operators find themselves in a situation where workforce shortages cancel those reservations while on the road, we wanted to give a contingency plan for each of our primary destinations of Missoula, Kalispell and Whitefish.

Events in Montana

Stargazing Tours
in Western Montana

Remember the solar eclipse in August 2017 and the amount of people who traveled—both domestically and internationally—to be under the direct path of totality? While Western Montana’s Glacier Country wasn’t in the totality path, we shared in the fascination that was happening in the sky. As light pollution increases worldwide, so does the number of people seeking locations where they can see what a star-filled night sky looks like and search for their favorite constellations. Montana’s endless blue skies are no secret; what we want people to know is those big blue skies turn into jaw-dropping starry nights. Our starry nights can be the star of the show on a Stargazing Tour or added to any itinerary as a nighttime addition in Western Montana.

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